Chamarrita da Ilha do Pico, o bailo tradicional


As soon as the chords of the Chamarrita echo, the feet stir in a joyful restlessness. It's the courtyard they want to head to!

Chamarrita da ilha do Pico Chamarrita da ilha do Pico

Since a very young age, this dance has drawn a smile on my face that I consider unique because this "bailho" (dance) in a circle, where everyone is led by a caller, swaying lightly to the rhythm of Chamarrita. "Está consolando" - an expression repeated by men and women exchanging hands, glances among themselves. The circle moves in one sway, in one chain, provoking genuine well-being and joy, as one.

This sense of unity that Chamarrita embodies seems to reflect the purpose of an event like Pico Zen. Observing the program, we feel compelled to participate - the body and soul yearn for this.

Chamarrita da ilha do Pico, Açores Chamarrita da ilha do Pico, Açores

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The contact I have with the world of Yoga is recent, yet, in some way, it has always been present. The quest for balance, discernment, the discovery of myself to become a better being each passing day has been what guides my life, although sometimes I'm not aware that I'm growing in this purpose.

PicoZen 2022: Concerto Chamarrita Santa Luzia

  • Arte e Dança
  • 12/06/2022 - de 17:00 a 19:00

Little did I know that Chamarrita was already a part of this journey. Anything that sparks a natural and pure joy within us contributes to this sense of authentic growth. Countless contexts, situations, and practices lead us to achieve this state of expansion, clarity, contentment - a peace that comes from deep within! Meditation, music, dance, art, physical exercise, healthy food, among many other things, strongly contribute to the pursuit of this pure state of being and existing.

Pico Zen encompasses this - it's an open door for those who wish to initiate or deepen the rhythmic steps of the dance of life!

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O “bailho” de roda

Gilberta Pereira

Professora na Escola Profissional do Pico